Publié : 28 décembre 2009
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Section Européenne 2007 : The Incredipenguins

The European court of justice

Justice exists in the European Union, but how does it work ?

The European Justice Court was created by the 1952 treaty of Paris : it is based in Luxembourg and is the highest court in the European Union. It has the ultimate say on matters of EU law.
The court is composed of one judge per member state although only 13 of them hear a case in the “Grander Chamber”. It only juges the “application” of European laws. (not crimes)
As of January 2007, the Court is made up of 27 Judges and 8 attorneys. The Judges and attorneys are appointed by common accord of the governments of the member states and hold office for a renewable term of six years.
The President of the Court is elected from among the judges every three year renewable term.
Since 2003 Vassilios Skouris, who comes from Greece, is the president of the European court of justice.

Five of the 8 attorneys are nominated as of right by the five biggest member states of the European Union : Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. The other three attorneys, today, come from Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia.
Carnival of Venice

The Venice carnival was created during the Renaissance and takes place every year around February (the twelve days preceding Mardi Gras). Inspired by the commedia dell’ arte, the traditional fancy dress is the long mantle (tabarro), the white mask on cardboard (bouta) and the harlequin mask.

In the past, these fancy dresses allowed all Venetians whatever their social status, to participate. But following a series of problems, the carnival was forbidden for a great number of years.

It reappeared at the end of 1970s, and today it’s one of the most renowned carnivals in the world. However, the atmosphere is not the same any more, and the fancy dresses have evolved as well.

To find original carnival masks, one can go to “Doge’s Palace” which was restored by the municipality at the end of 1970s.

During Carnival month, tourists come from all over the world and hotels are booked months in advance.