Publié : 28 décembre 2009
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Section Européenne 2007 : The Fifthteam


You know the European Union but do you know what the European Commission is ?

It’s the executive branch of the European Union created to defend and represent Europeans’ interests. The commission suggests treaties and laws to the Council and it sees to the “application” of common policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy. There are 27 commissioners, one for each member state of the European Union. It is led by a commission president. The president is elected for five years ; its current president is José Manuel Barrosso. The European Commission is based in Brussels and internal working languages are English, French and German.

How does the European commission work ?

The president is elected for five years by the European parliament and the European council. Every member state establishes a list of candidates who can be chosen to become commissioners. The president chooses a person on every list. Commissioners meet on Wednesdays ; these meetings are not public and all discussions are confidential. Every Wednesday, the president chooses a subject from the annual program (main aims set for the year). All commissioners have a role ; they all have specially determined jobs like “ministers” (without decision power). e.g. Jacques Barrot (The French commissioner in charge of transport).


Beer is the Germans favorite alcoholic beverage. Every city possesses its brewery. The annual consumption of beer per capita is 140 liters !!

Who has never dreamt of going to the Oktoberfest ?? The beer festival if you prefer. Every year, during sixteen days, starting late September and finishing early October, people come from all around the world. But we hope that you’re not thinking of something bacchanal ! The Oktoberfest is a family festival of course !!

Normally every German belongs to a church and has to pay a tax to the State which redistributes it to the chosen cult. To escape this tax, a lot of Germans declare themselves as atheists !!
Be careful ! In Germany we kiss only the people we know really well !!

Do you want to be in fashion in Germany ? Do you have your garden dwarf ?? People love them and in Germany there are strange dwarf disappearances ... Be careful !!

A decorated tree on village squares ? The May tree is a German tradition ; people erect the tree and dance around it !!

The carnaval ?
On November 11th at 11h11 !! Strange, is’nt it ?
That’s the precise date and time disguised people march in the street.