Publié : 15 mai 2013
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Murder stories

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Les élèves de Seconde se sont pris au jeu de l’enquête policière...en Anglais !
Voici leurs productions

Elèves de Me Auvray-Hamel et Me Fouquer


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A disturbing murder story

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It was night, a dark night without any stars shining in the sky. A young woman was walking in a deserted street. She had wrapped her woolen cape around her shoulders and was shivering because of the snowy temperature. Rosalyn arrived in front of an old house. She opened the door, and slipped inside. She was in the poorest street of London. She went downstairs in her bedroom where, after putting on a nightgown, she went to bed. It was midnight when she suddenly heard a strange noise, like the sound of a door opening. She quickly put on a dressing gown and went into the wardrobe from which she took a knife. In the corridor, she saw a dim light. She discretely went downstairs, looking for the intruder. In the kitchen, she saw nothing, and she began to feel tense. But, she felt a presence just behind herself ; she turned quickly and saw a man with an indescribable smile, it was a mixture of ferocity and a desire to kill. The attacker first strangled Rosalyn with a rope, but she understood what was happening and she hit the murderer. Rosalyn ran outside her house and, once outside, she fled in the direction of her friend’s house, Josy, who was married to a former boxer, William. But the aggressor caught the young woman by her hair and pulled her furiously. Rosalyn saw the shining of a big knife. Just before dying, she had the courage to shout for help. A few minutes after, she was lying in a pool of blood, in the middle of the snowy street, already a dead body.

Josy Knightcross was eating with her husband, William, a policeman. They were poor but he was about to get a promotion. But, suddenly, Josy heard a terrible scream from outside.
“Listen !” She said to William.
The policeman decided to go outside to calm his wife who was afraid of the night. He saw a shape on the floor and he walked forward. His heart skipped a beat : he recognized the body, it was Josy’s best friend, Rosalyn O’Neil, a young Irish woman, who had come from her homeland two years ago. William looked for the murderer but he could not find him. So, worried to leave his wife alone, he took her to her mother’s house, without explaining to Josy the situation, and he went to the police station to tell his superiors about his discovery. Half an hour later, a dozen of policemen were on the crime scene, looking everywhere for evidences. William observed the dead body of their poor friend : she had been a beautiful blond which was rare for an Irish woman. His gaze was drown by a small object clamped between Rosalyn’s fingers : it was a medallion, a religious medallion representing a holy catholic, that he recognized as St Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint. The policeman was puzzled because Rosalyn had always been speaking about Irish saints but not about Italian saints. But they had also always thought that she had foreign origins because her accent was tinged with Latin. The policemen found a wedding ring in the victim’s house, that had fallen under the wardrobe, maybe forgotten by the killer. But, Rosalyn was an unmarried young maid working for a rich family in Kensington. A young policeman came near William with pieces of paper.
“ We have found that, Sir” – he said shyly – “it was in the victim’s documents”
William took the papers which were actually letters written in Italian ; but the young man was educated so he could understand them. In fact, the first letter was a weird letter, a threatening letter :
“ My very dear and gentle Agnese, I hope you do not forget me as much as I do not forget you. After all this time, I finally had the chance to find you, disobedient woman ! I do not know where you are hiding our daughter. Know that I am coming and that I will find Chiara, even if she is at the other end of the world. You can not escape me, I will always find you. You had better come back home, to Venice, where I will have the pleasure to lock you in a convent, and why not in Monache Clarisse Povere di Santa Chiara that you love so much, don’t you ? I will come soon and I will have the pleasure to see you one last time ; you do not have to expect any help from anyone. Mother Guiseppina has moved to a different convent. With mortal pleasure to see you Agnese. L.”.
This letter was creepy but he began to understand : it was a strange passionate crime, committed by a dangerous husband. That’s why they had found a wedding ring in Rosalyn’s, or rather Agnese’s house. The victim was not at all an Irish maid who had arrived from her countryside two years earlier, she was an Italian Lady fleeing from her husband. But who was he ? That was what he had to discover. William gathered all the policemen at the police station.
“I have a plan “– he announced – “we have to catch the murderer. And according to the letter that I read, it is the victim’s husband or, rather, her widow...”
“ And how will we catch him ?” The youngster called James enquired.
“ We have to do as if the woman was not dead – he went on – it was dark when we arrived on the crime scene and most of the inhabitants were working until late so, nobody had seen us. I will bring the police doctor who will do as if Rosalyn/Agnese was his patient, and for the inhabitants who already know what happened, we will spread the word that an aggression was committed but that “Rosalyn” is alright. Tomorrow, my wife will go to her house, because she was her best friend, carrying a basket of food for her sick friend, and I suppose that, at night, the killer will come back to finish what he started. What do you think ?”.
All the policemen approved of it. Forthwith, William went into his mother-in-law’s house to explain everything to his wife. Josy fainted when he told her about her friend’s death.

On the next day, everything went as planned. Josy went to “Rosalyn”’s house with a basket of peanut butter, honey, eggnog, chocolate and mint tea ... Some neighborhood gossips who wanted to have news of “Rosalyn” were told that she was too weak to see them. At night, William, James and other policemen hid in the victim’s old house. At half past ten, they heard footsteps in the staircase. A young blond well-dressed man, was slowly getting into the bedroom where the corpse was lying, the light of the moon showing its whiteness. He seemed nice but full of himself, parading and playing with his knife around the bed. When he raised his weapon, ready to strike, the policemen jumped on him and hold him on the ground. Then, they brought him at the police station.

The murderer was sitting in the interview room, keeping his candid, but cheeky smile.
“What is your name ?” William asked .
“ You don’t have to know it” He retorted.”
“ What is your name ??” William repeated, furiously.
The handsome murderer stood up and began to walk around quietly.
“ My name is Leone Ragusioni and I am an Italian gentleman.”
“ A gentleman ?! Let me laugh ! You killed a woman and you are saying that you are a gentleman ! ” Mr Knightcross said.
The murderer glared at him.
“ When a gentleman’s honor is at stake, he has the right to judge and punish the culprit ” Leone snapped.
“And why did you kill Miss Rosalyn or, should I say Lady Agnese ? ” The policeman asked.
The gentleman smiled but he seemed in trance.
“ Lady Agnese, Gentildonna Agnese, in Italian, was my wife. A beautiful and kind young girl when I saw her for the first time. She was the daughter of a Venetian Count, Lord Alessandro Soranzaccio and of a Sienese Lady, Vittoria Avonelli. I immediately fell madly in love with her and I asked for her hand in marriage to Don Alessandro and Donna Vittoria. But, Lady Agnese was attracted to religious life. However, confident that she would change her mind with a well-built husband, they allowed me to marry her and take my great Venetian name. Two weeks after the wedding, disgusted by the marital status, she left our palazzo to hide in the monastery Clarisse Povere di Santa Chiara, with her beloved aunt Mother Guiseppina Soranzaccio, and this is where I took her from. But, every month, she retired in this monastery and spent even more time there when she was pregnant with our daughter Chiara, named after Ste Clare of Assisi, her favorite saint. When Chiara was three years old, she tried to convince me to allow her and our daughter to become nuns. At this time, I was really furious and I hit Agnese a few times until the day I learned that she had lost the child she was pregnant of and I did not know about. Then, Lady Agnese fled the conjugal home with my four-year-old daughter. I did everything I could to find them, but my love for my wife was destroyed forever. She had ruined my marriage, my youth and my best years. I wanted to make her understand my humiliation of a gentleman left by his wife. So, when I went to meet her, during this night, I was first ready to forgive her and to propose her to return to our normal life. But, the moment I saw her, she looked at me with a mixture of disgust and fear, I could not control myself.”
The young husband stopped speaking, always smiling. William sat on a chair, thinking about what he had heard. Don Ragusioni was the murderer of Lady Agnese, but he was also a noble man and at this time, 19th century, noble men had the right to avenge their honor. All that William could do was to declare Leone psychologically unstable and to have him interned in Italy in a nursing home for crowned and noble heads. The little girl would inherit and the scandal would be stifled.
“ All I want ” – Leone went on – “ is to find my little girl ”.
So the policeman put on the table the second letter found at the victim’s domicile.
“ You can read. ” He said.
It was a letter from a designated Eleonore of Valence, the Mother Superior of a French convent, saying that the young Chiara Ragusioni was alright and that she was growing wonderfully.

Two weeks after, Detective William Knightcross closed the murder file and wrote inside ‘CLOSED CASE’. Chiara Ragusioni , aged six years old, had come back to Venice, in her palazzo, under the protection of her maternal grand-mother, Donna Vittoria, while her father, was interned in a psychiatric rest house. Josy was sad to have lost her friend, and disappointed that “Rosalyn” did not confide in her. William sighed : “ the end of a disturbing murder story“.

Ambrine EL MASSAOUDI, May 2013, 2nd 1.

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The brave horse-rider

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It was a windy summer night when a shadow approached the stable. Ten minutes later it had left...
Monday, July 8th
Bill Ross opened his bedroom’s window and went to see his horse. The competition of the following Sunday was really important ; he had to earn money for the stud farm. He put his trousers on and went to the stable so as to give food to each horse. His horse was further than the others, so it was the last one he saw. There was a problem, Kiddle, Bill’s horse was nervous and started moving in his box. The man was worried and walked inside the box, he put his hand onto the horse and stroked him. Kiddle’s skin was hot and quite warm. His nose was distented. He suddenly moved and reared up, one of his hoofs hit Bill’s face. He fell on the floor but the animal wasn’t calm at all. He was moving again and again. Then Bill couldn’t see anything and he passed out.

Two hours later, Evelynn Ross woke up, had a breakfast and also went into the stable.
« Oh my god, what is that smell ! » she announced curiously.
She looked over each box door, one by one, and arrived at the bottom of the stable. She took a look at Kiddle’s box ; there was blood on his legs. Actually there was blood everywhere, on the floor, on Kiddle’s tail and on... her brother ! He was behind the horse, and lay on the straw. His body was quite OK, but the horse moved and Eve saw his face. She screamed, put her hands onto her mouth and looked at the horse. She was horrified. As she looked at his face she couldn’t recognize him : there was blood and a few pieces of bones here and there, and it was also tumid. She was shocked and stood there for an hour. She heard noises and turned her head ; that’s when she saw Lizzy, the groom. She smiled and came to her, but when the young girl saw the woman’s face, she became worried and asked :
« Miss, what’s up ? »
« Just call the police. » she murmured.

When Richard woke up, he heard sounds from the courtyard, he took a look from the window and saw police cars, firemen, and her sister who was crying in Lizzy’s arms. He quickly went downstairs and ran to his sister. She explained everything to him while he said nothing. Once she had finished he said :
« Let’s put this horrible story aside for the moment. You have to focus on the competition until Sunday. It is really too important. I’ll take care of your horse today. Go back to sleep. » he announced.
Then he left, thanked the policemen who had found his brother’s corpse and went into the stable. He harnassed Evelynn’s horse and made him work in the manege. Richard was really self-confident. His sister was about to win the cup. She had to succeed. Her horse was the greatest one of the whole stud farm.

Tuesday, July 9th
That morning, the notary rang at the family house door so as to see Evelynn. He sat in the living room with her and talked.
« As you know it, your brother is dead, so you now are the heir of the family house and the stud farm. You are the second heir because you feel more comfortable while ridding a horse than your brothers. » he announced.
She didn’t say anything, listened carefully to him and signed all the papers which had to be signed. An hour later her brother joined them, kissed her on the forehead and sat next to her. When the notary had left, Richard told his sister that she had to train really hard during this week. She agreed.
She found Lizzy and her boyfriend in the stable ; he had been on holidays for two days and was also really interested in horses.
On that day, Eve had ridden her horse for two hours and a half. She was really tired, and after her shower, went to bed.

Wednesday, July 10th
When Eve opened her eyes she heard noises from downstairs. She found her brother looking sad on the sofa while two policemen were interrogating him.
« Oh sweetie ! We’ll be finished soon, don’t worry. You can go back to your bedroom. » Richard said, enthusiastically.
« No, you have to stay. We have to say a few things to you. » one of the policemen snapped.
She was surprised by the way the policeman talked. She obeyed and took a sit by her brother.
« Where were you on Sunday evening ? » he asked the woman, threateningly.
« We all came back from the competition which took place 300 miles away so we all were very tired. By the way, I went to bed around eight and a half. I surfed the net during approximately twenty minutes, then I slept. » Eve answered.
« We will check, please give us your computer. » the policeman asked, calmly.
An hour later, the investigators left the house and saw Lizzy with her boyfriend. But nobody else had seen them.

Thursday, July 11th
On the previous day, Evelynn had trained for two hours. On this Thursday, in the afternoon she had ridden her horse during two hours again. She was really self-confident about her skills.

« Lizzy ! » she hailed.
The young woman turned back, she looked sad.
« Oh dear, what happened to you ? » she asked, quietly.
Lizzy told her that her boyfriend had left her following the questions of the investigators. Apparently he had just left a small note saying that he wasn’t « ready for that ». But Lizzy didn’t understand. So Eve thought that this young man was strange... When she came back to the family house, she phoned the police to tell them everything about this fact.

Friday, July 12th
Nothing particular happened on this Friday, except that Eve trained for a long time again. It was Lizzy’s day off, so Eve took care of each horse. Moreover her brother had gone into town for business, he said.

Saturday, July 13th
Eve took care of her beloved horse all the afternoon so as to change her mind because she was thinking about her dead brother. The horse was dirty because he had stayed a long time in the meadow.

Sunday, July 14th
Everybody woke up early in the morning at around 7 am, including Lizzy. They all went to the truck and drove to the competition. Two hours later, they arrived in the little town which welcomed the competition. As usual, Evelynn took care of her horse with Lizzy while Richard did the recognition of the obstacle course.
The horse was harnassed, Eve was dressed, and went to learn the obstacle course with her brother. She realized that the last obstacle was really high and dangerous, but Eve knew that her horse and her would succeed.
The bell rang. Calmly, Eve made her horse trot, and then gallop so as to jump the first obstacle. The whole course happened in good conditions, but when she approached the last one, suddenly, her brother stood in front of her. The horse moved like hell, he was so nervous. She pressed and released her fingers so as to control her horse. A few seconds later, which seemed to be an eternity for her, he calmed down. She hit his flanks with her heels, and the horse jumped. Everyone applauded. Everything was OK. Her brother was really angry. At this precise moment, we heard sirens, it was the police. They caught Richard and Lizzy.

In the evening, in the family house, two policemen explained the situation to Evelynn ; when they found Lizzy’s ex-boyfriend, he told them that she had left him for Richard, she was too greedy for money. They both wanted the money of the competition and, of course, the stud farm. When Richard did his daily visit in town, he bought something which he gave to Lizzy. Then she just had to give it to the horse, that’s why he was so nervous on Monday morning.

Audrey Saint-Saens, May 2013, 2nd 1.

A special crime...

Many years ago, on September 14th 2002, a man was found dead lying on the ground of a gymnasium. There was a large pool of blood around him, holes on his skull, bruises on his back, deep cuts on his arms and legs. Two days later, an entire family was found murdered. It was a horrible crime scene. The girl, Sarah, aged 6, was sitting on the settee, in front of the television. Her eyes were wide open. Her face had remained shocked, horrified, white, as though she had seen a ghost or a horror movie on TV. A rope’s mark surrounded her neck and a vast number of stabs of knife had run through her belly. The mother was discovered lying on the floor in the direction of the dining table, with a screwdriver, a pair of kitchen scissors and a knife in her back. In the bathroom there was a knife with blood in the washbasin and on the floor. Not far from the bathroom, a boy aged 11 was found lying on the floor with stabs of knife on his body. Sam, my colleague looked if the boy’s pulse was still beating. At the same moment, the boy named John, suddenly opened his eyes. Sam and I called an ambulance to bring John to the hospital…
After some research Sam, found that the gymnasium’s man was the father of the children, and the husband of the woman. But what is strange in this story is that there were no fingerprints, no footprints aside from those of the family. Just pools of blood and 3 corpses, that’s it. I decided to investigate and find the solution of this murdered, and went to meet the forensic scientist.
“Hi, Bill, you got news from the investigation ?”
“Yes, but you know, the murderer who did that, did not seem to have any limits...”
“What do you mean ? “
“We can deduce that Sarah was strangled because of the rope’s mark. But the most shocking is that after the constriction, the person who made that, took it out on the poor girl with rage because the murderer set 7 stabs on her body. He took everything which was present in the kitchen to kill the woman, and he beat to death the husband with a golf club.”
“But to do that, the family must have to know the murderer very well because nobody would let a stranger get in to their house.. What about the boy ? Still in coma ?”
“He is our only witness ! We must talk with him, he is the only one who knows what really happened that night.”
“To talk with him you must get into his thoughts. I know a hypnotist, the best of everyone, Mr. Messmer. Contact him, and ask him to see the boy, he will help you.”
I called Mr. Messmer and, intrigued by what happened, he accepted to see John. He took John’s hand, began to speak slowly, counted up to 5 and said :
“You are with me now. Imagine that you see your house far away. You walk calmly. You pass the door. What do you see ? What do you do ?”
“I see my sister who is watching television. Then, I walk into the kitchen.”
“Is your mother here ?”
“Yes, she is cooking. But I don’t talk to her. I immediately go to my room.”
“What are you doing now ?”
“I’m reading a letter. “
“What kind of letter ? “
“But I go back outside, and I go back inside 2 minutes later.”
“What kind of letter ? Why did you go outside ? “
bip bip bip bip bip
A doctor came and said to Mr. Messmer « get out, his heart rate increases, please get out ».
I asked Messmer what the boy had said. He replied that he had talked about a letter. Sam and I hurried back to John’s house, located alongside Bakewell. We went into John’s room, We began to look for the letter. After 20 minutes, I found the letter.
"You must kill the people who stole you from me.
Let your rage go, kill, and join me
again. You are my blood. Your dear Eddie.« I told Sam that we had to return to the hospital immediately. Just when I wanted to get into John’s room, this one ran out and repelled Sam violently while also planting a scalpel in his arm. The boy ran out and I couldn’t follow him. Leaving John in the hospital, I went to the police officer and said to a colleague to look for a woman called Eddie who had lost her son and who was adopted. 2 hours after he came again with a result : »11 years ago, a woman named Eddie Shermann was interned because of her mental problems. Her son, was placed in a host family. Released on July 2002, she lives now in a little house near London".
I cried : “Oh ! Why didn’t I think about that earlier ? The letter said « You are my blood » and « You must kill the people who stole you to me » Everything is clear now ! Eddie was crazy, she wanted to find her son again ! When she found him, she asked him to kill his family because she could not bear that someone had found a part of her. Quick, call an armed brigade. We must find them !”
After 3 days of research, we found them in a little cottage near London. There were arrested : one was placed in an asylum and the other in a reformatory for young people.

Clothilde Neveu-Recher, May 2013, 2nd 1.

The best friend

« How can I help you ? » Mrs Padington asked.
« Good afternoon » I said. « Police Investigator Robert Davis. »
Mrs Padington was a young woman, maybe about twenty eight years old. She had long curly blond hair, deep blue eyes and a fine smile, placed on her lovely round face. She really looked like a pretty doll. Next to her, there was a massive black dog, with a hanging tongue and yellow eyes looking at me.
« Come in, you will explain to me why you came here inside the house, while drinking a cup of tea. »
She opened the gate, the dog was hanging around me, waiting for a stroke.
« Don’t be afraid, Sultan is very affectionate. It’s the kindest and the cleverest dog. »
Mrs Padington took me across the garden. It was a hot and a sunny day, without any clouds. I’d never seen a more beautiful garden than Mrs Padington’s. Wherever I looked, I saw beds of coloured flowers and green grass.
« Gardening is my favourite hobby. » She said, enthusiastically.


We arrived in front of her house, and she invited me into the dining room. She brought tea cups, put them onto the table, and sat in front of me.
« Now », she started with a smile, « what is the reason of your visit, Inspector ? »
« Well, it’s about your husband, Mr Padington. » I announced, sternly. « Nobody has seen him during two months, as if he had disappeared. That’s why… »
I stopped speaking when I saw Mrs Padington staring at me with her eyes moist with emotion.
« He didn’t disappear. » she sobbed. « He’s just left me ! He had a relationship... with another woman... a woman prettier and younger than me… One day… he decided to quit our house… to live with her... I supplied him to stay with me… but... »
And she started crying, hidding her face behind her hands. Seeing her sad angel face made me full of compassion. I tried to consol her and asked for more information about this woman and the place where Mr Padington could be, but she couldn’t tell anything more.
« I just know he ’s left me. » She repeated. « And he won’t come back ! »
I decided to leave Mrs Padington alone and to come back, but Sultan (which was sitting next to me) moved, looked at me and lay down in front of a cupboard on which there were several pictures of a man (Mr Padington I guessed) who was playing with a black dog. Sultan groaned quietly.
« Mr Padington enjoyed playing with Sultan, didn’t he ? »
« He didn’t enjoy it, he loved it. » Mrs Padington replied, drying her tears. « Spending time playing with it was one of his favourite hobbies. He considered Sultan as his child. »
Sultan groaned again.


After this visit, I walked down the street, lost in my own thoughts. I was troubled by Mrs Padington’s reaction ; her cries sounded real, but there was something strange with her story.
« If Mr Padington loved his dog so much, why hadn’t he taken it with him ? » I said to myself. Mrs Padington will have to give me some explanations.


One day later, I came back to Mrs Padington’s house. There was a big truck in front of the gate, and strong men were filling it with Mrs Padington’s belongings.
« What’s happening there ? » I asked her.
« I decided to move. » She replied with a lovely smile. « I will live in some tropical country, to forget this love story and have a new life. It’s thanks to you, Inspector. »
She was really arrogant, and I was surprised by this change in her mind.
« Now, excuse me but I’m very busy today. » She retorded.
At the same time, her dog Sultan saw me, crossed the garden, hung around me and ran to a superb bed of red roses. Mrs Padington’s face turned pale.
« Sultan, what are you doing ? » She whispered.
Sultan looked at me with its yellow eyes, and started digging with its giant black paws, slaughtering the roses.
« Sultan, STOP THAT, NOW !!! » She yelled. Her face was as white as a ghost’s face, and I’m sure she was ready to faint.
But Sultan didn’t stop scratching until it sat in front of me, with a long bone in its mouth. Absolutely amazed, I announced :
« I think your dog has found your husband. In the name of the law, I’m arresting you ! »


Today, Mrs Padington is in jail. But I couldn’t have solved this investigation without an unexpected help. The proverb is true : « A dog is every man’s best friend ».
A dead man’s best friend too.

Quentin Legros, May 2013, 2nd 1.

A murder story

Paul Villamaux 2de

A murder story

2nd June :

Two Months … I’ve No case since two months ; my name is Leonard Dapri, I’m a private investigator.I have spiky Black Hair, I look like a hedgehog ; and green eyes.
I jump off my bed ; someone woke me up, It’s my sister, Alicia, she helps me with my investigations ; and she’s very good with her laptop.
“- I received an e-mail from the police.She said

  • And ..?
  • They need help for a big problem, Three people were killed before and now a big boss was killed.
  • And..?
  • Can you talk a little more ! They want to meet you at twelve o’clock at Hyde Park.”

Hyde park.... Five years, I haven’t come back here for a long time...
My sister and me are waiting for the chief of London cops. She stood up and talked with a stranger and went back with someone.
“So, you are Leonard ? Right. Said the Stranger.

  • Yes and you’re the chief ? I said
  • Yes, your sister told me you are a great investigator. So you can help us.
  • And what can I do in this case ?
  • I said everything to Alicia ; Go to the crime scene right now.”

“Why is this crime scene at the tweveth level without Elevator. I said, exhausted.

  • Quiet, we’re arrived”
    The crime scene is the office of a big boss of a Huge company ; it’s all white, has a beatiful landscape of London and a big red stain on the floor ;there are lots of forensics and investigators ; they search something. I said to myself ; what happened here first ? My sister is going to the computer and checking inside ; As for me, I’m talking with investigators to know the enemies of the big boss.

3rd June :

Today, we saw all Bill gatson’s enemies , the big boss, and nobody knew about his death. At the same time, Alicia received an e-mail from her contact ; We’re going to see him ; he’s called Alexander ;he’s an old friend of Alicia, They talk about technologies ;I don’t understand anything.After a little time, while we’re leaving, my sister says :
“We have the killer !

  • WHAT ! We don’t know anyone else ; what have you found ?
  • I sent an information to Alexander. And he found something ; and people talk a lot on Facebookyou know...”

An old building ; we ’re going up to the fifth level to see who the killeris , the cops are still here, it’s a dangerous area,but when a cop open the door, a bomb explodes and several cops are touched ;The killer went on the roof, we follow him and I shout :

  • wherever I go, You find me...”
    He is in a big Reflection ; we arrested him and see what happened to him.

4th June :

Today it’s the last day of this case ;the killer was arrested and went to jail for murder.
ME and my sister are in the London police now and Alexander is helping us like an Indic.
Now,Me and my sister work in the same group and I can sleep when I want.

Crime story

That’s it. A new life for Shirley Parks. New high school, new friends. A new beginning. She’s a 17 year-old-girl and she’s brown-haired. In her new high school, she met a group of 4 persons : Chelsea Dickson, 17 years old, blond-haired, Sidney Gomez, a shy 16 years-old-girl, Nathan Beadles, 17 years old, tall and very funny and Keith Parker, very strange, but friendly. He’s 16 and not very tall.
Shirley lives with her friend Sidney.
On Tursday 15th april 2010 in the afternoon, Shirley was found dead on her sofa by Sidney. She was traumatized.
Apparently, everything was alright at school with Shirley’s friends but when Sidney discovered her ,she asked herself : “why ?”.
She didn’t understand. She called the police and an investigator came in the apartment. He found a mug of coffee on the table next to the victim. He also found a rest of drug on the floor.
Sidney was the principal suspect but she had an alibi, she was at school to take an exam and her teacher told it to the police.
So, the investigator asked all of her friends : Chelsea and Nathan who were at school for the exam too but the police wanted to know who was absent at the exam. They asked the teacher and he gave them a list with all the absent pupils. Just one person wasn’t there : Keith Parker.
The police went to his home and found him dead he was lying on the floor, a gun next to him and a letter. The investigator read it. It was written that he committed suicide and he had drugged Shirley because he was jealous that she became closer to Sidney And Sidney didn’t spend time with him anymore.
He had madly fallen in love with her. It was a crime of passion...

Caroline Allory Sde 3


It was a September morning, it was sunny but it was raining too, there was a rainbow. The detective was coming back from holiday and he was called by his boss for a murder case, a corpse was found in a building in Los Angeles.
The victim was the daughter of a famous actress, so the investigation should be discreet. Officer Johnson arrived at the apartment at ten o’clock in the morning, he was a very serious man, he was middle-aged and he was so famous in the FBI. The victim was a wealthy architect, her name was Katy and she was twenty-six .
She was discovered by her mother who had described her daughter like a discreet, calm and simple young woman. She had long blond hair and blue eyes, she was tall like a top model. Her mother, Jane, was blond too and she suspected Bill, the ex-boyfriend of Katy.
They separated two months ago, but Bill was still in love with Katy. She had found a new boyfriend, Lucas, so Bill was very jealous.
Jane described Bill like a violent and aggressive boyfriend : once he hit Katy on the head.
The legist says she had been poisoned. The officer suspected Bill too because he found fingerprints on the glass she drank before dying. Bill was interviewed by Officer Johnson and other police agents but he didn’t want to confess the crime.
So he has to be heard in court on October 4th in front of judge Davis, the most severe of California, follow the case with us in our next episode…

Manon Malandain Sde 6

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The passion crime

Charlotte DEMESY 2nde4

The passion crime

Yesterday, two corpses were found. It was a woman and a man in a bed.
As a superintendent, I had to solve this !
I interrogated the husband of the victim to know what had happened there. He was called Link and he was a teacher of chemistry. Link said :
« I opened the door of my room and I saw them. They were lying covered with blood. I immediately called the police. »
He said that his wife was called Lena and that the man was his best-friend, Ethan.
Why his best-friend and his wife were killed ? That was the question.
I was thinking that Ethan’s wife cheated on him with his best-friend because they found them in bed. The killer may have moved the corpse to say that it was a jealousy crime.
I began the investigation and I found two clues : hair and finger prints. The victim was killed with a knife. I found the weapon of the crime in the bed. I concluded that they didn’t move after the death.
I interrogated Ethan’s wife and She said :
« My husband sometimes wasn’t here at home. I didn’t kill them because I was working ! »
She was nervous, it was strange. So, I began to suspect her.
But my theory quickly changed because the fingerprints were those of Link.
I interrogated Link but he had an alibi, he worked at the high school. It was not true because I interrogated before the head and Link didn’t work on that day.
I questioned Link again because I had all the proofs that he was the killer. He thus admitted his murder and justified his act. He said that they had killed them out of jealousy. He couldn’t stand that his wife cheated on him with his best-friend.
He lost everything, his wife, his best-friend and his freedom !