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Publié : 10 avril 2014
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2- Anglais

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1- Projets pédagogiques

  • Thanksgiving foods (Novembre 2016)
  • Vidéos (Mai 2016 - 1ères Anglais )
  • Quizz Elections aux Etats unis (Mars 2016)
  • Irish culture in Rochester (Nov 2014)
  • American media, Learning Limericks (Avril 2014)
  • Murder stories (Mai 2013)
  • Le Générique, carte d’identité d’une série (Vidéos - Déc 2012)
  • LTC Radio (2012)
2- Voyages et Echanges

  • Exchange euro (2015/2016)
  • Un clan Irlandais en Normandie (2014)
  • French Exchange at Holy Cross (2012)
  • An Irish clan in Normandy (2009)

La section européenne

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La section européenne

2- Projets pédagogiques

  • Thanksgiving foods (Novembre 2016 - Chelsea, Assistante de langues) :
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  • Doublage Vidéos (Mai 2016 - 1ères Anglais / Mme Fouquer - Mme Auvray Hamel)
  • Pulitzer prize stories (Mars 2016 - Chelsea, Assistante de langues) :

Hello ! In honor of Press Week in France, let’s take a look at some of the best journalism the American media has to offer.

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  • QUIZZ Les élections aux Etats Unis (Mars 2016 - Chelsea, Assistante de langues) :
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  • Irish Culture in Rochester (Nov 2014 - Lily, Assistante de langues) :
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  • Learning Limericks (2014 - Kira Hessekiel, Assistante de langues) :
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  • American media and Springtime in New York (2014 - Kira Hessekiel, Assistante de langues) :
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American Media

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Springtime in New York

  • Murder stories (2013 - Elèves de 2de, Groupe de Mme Auvray Hamel, Mme Fouquer, M. Avenel) : Les articles
  • Le générique, carte d’identité d’une série (2012- Elèves de 1ère, Groupe de M. Domergue)
Voir les vidéos
  • LTC Radio (2012)

Canadian Exchange student
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End of the world
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The Glee project
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Body Art
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Hidden messages
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The 2012 Olympic games
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3- Voyages et échanges

Novembre 2014 - Un CLAN IRLANDAIS en Normandie

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Students from our partner school, Lycée Thomas Corneille, in Rouen, Northern France, first came to us in March 2011 at the instigation of one of our ex-students, Katie Fisher, who at the time was doing her ‘year abroad’ as an English assistant at the school. As the visit was so successful, they decided to repeat it this year and also invited staff and students from Holy Cross to spend a day in their school as part of our next trip to France.
Students from the Lycée Corneille were back in the UK in early March, staying near Rhyl and enjoying excursions to Manchester, Liverpool, Ironbridge and a day in Holy Cross going to lessons. March 26th - 30th saw our first College visit to Rouen, staying in a hotel near the centre. From there our students went out to Bayeux (the Tapestry), Arromanches (the D-Day landing beaches), Honfleur, and a Calvados farm near Pont L’Evêque. All our students were attached to a ‘partner’ at the Lycée Corneille, who took them to lessons in school. Several of our students have plans to keep in contact with their partners via e-mail and Facebook, and through family visits in the future.
D. Hornsby

Day 1 – Wednesday April 1st 2009 :
Sudents arrive at Beauvais Airport at 8:45 AM, A Coach will be there to greet them and bring
them to Barentin. Once in Barentin around 12:00 PM, they will tour the school and then meet
their host families.

Day 2 – Thursday April 2nd 2009 :
Students spend the day at the Lycée attending classes of all sorts to have an idea of what the
French system is like. Students will be divided into three groups : 1ère L classes (specialised
in Litterature) , 1ère ES classes (specialised in Economics) and 1ère S classes (specialised in
Science). A special French lunch will be served in the cafeteria that day in honour of our Irish
Students both French and Irish will meet in front of the Lycée at 16:15, where a coach will
leave at 16:30 for the Bowling challenge in Rouen. After two games of bowling, students will
take the coach back to Barentin where families will pick them up around 19:15.

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Day 3 – Friday April 3rd 2009 :
Rouen is known as the city with a hundred bell towers but it is also known for being the city
where Joan of Arc was burnt to a stake. Students will spend the day in Rouen, one of the most
beautiful cities in France. A guided tour will take them through the city’s streets and Notre
Dame Cathedral.
Students will meet at the Lycée at 8:15, the
coach will leave for Rouen at 8:30. The
group will meet their guide(s) at the
“Office du Tourisme” facing Notre Dame
Cathedral at 9:30 for a 2 hour guided tour
of the city with Valérie Ducker.
They will then have a Picnic “Place du Vieux Marché”.
After lunch, it will be time for the “Tour
Jeanne d’Arc” (2:00PM). The group must
be divided into small groups because of
the narrow stairwell.
Now that students are familiar with the city, they will enjoy a little free time to do a little
shopping or just have another look at the things they liked. The coach is set to leave Rouen at
16:15 - families will be at the lycée at 17:00.
Dinner with the families who will then bring the students and their French hosts to the
Cinema to watch a French Movie : “Welcome” at 7:50 PM.

Day 4 and Day 5 – Weekend April 4th and 5th 2009 :
In order to really benefit from their stay in France, students will spend the whole Weekend
with their host families to get an authentic glimpse of the French culture through ordinary
family life.

Day 6 – Monday April 6th 2009 :
Ahhhh Paris ! Students will spend the day with their French friends in Paris. The meeting
point for the coach is in front of the Lycée : students should be there at 8:15, the coach will
leave at 8:30, First stop, the Eiffel Tower – The view is breath taking from the third floor on a
clear day ! Then students will have lunch along the river bank before taking the famous
“Bateaux Mouches” for a tour on the Seine river, one of the best ways to appreciate the
Nation’s Capital.
To finish, students will stroll down the most famous of all avenues in Paris, the “Champs
Elysées”. The coach is scheduled to leave at 16:30

Day 7 – Tuesday April 7th 2009 :
Students meet at the lycée at 5:30 to say goodbye then a coach will transfer the Irish students
and their teachers to Beauvais Airport for them to fly back to Dublin.

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