Publié : 28 décembre 2009

06/07- “Homeschooling in different countries”

By Christelle Briselet TES1

There are different rules and regulations about homeschooling in the USA and in Europe. We compared different countries : the USA with New-Jersey, France, Germany, Spain and Britain.

  • In the USA, the rules are different according to the states. For example in New-Jersey, there are lenient rules. It leaves much freedom to the parents.
  • In Europe, it’s different. Some countries are against this way of education like Germany or Spain. Homeschooling is illegal in these countries. But it’s more complicated in France or Britain.

Regulations in France
Homeschooling is promoted in France by advocacy groups like “Les enfants d’abord” created in 1988. It aims to exchange ideas about homeschooling, to organize activities and meet people interested in this way of education. This organisation published a guide concerning legislations and inspections.

Much more vague in Britain
According to the estimates, there are between 7,400 and 50,000 children who are homeschoolers. It’s legal but the rules governing home education are too vague, because there is no obligation on families to tell their local authorities that they are home educated. They have the possibility not to follow the national curriculum or take tests.

We can wonder if it would be better to have similar regulations throughout Europe.